The scheduling and capacity planning software for the flat glass industry Scheduling and capacity planning

  • Scheduling and capacity planning
  • Interactive system
  • Automatic generation of work schedules
  • Campaign planning

Identify bottlenecks in production at an early stage and react promptly. This transparency increases the reliability and efficiency of deliveries and avoids mad rushes in production.

OPTICAP is scheduling and capacity planning software for the flat glass industry. It includes the generation of work schedules, capacity planning, and the processing of barcode messages. It can be used to optimize how the available capacity is used, determine alternative technologies, and analyse the feasibility of deadlines for production orders.
The work schedule generation system creates operations for an order item component by component. Equipment is then assigned to the operations. The assignments are checked to see if they are subject to any restrictions. Extensive master data is available to help the user define the concrete conditions, such as clients, production stages, operations, inheritance of operations, article classes, equipment, replacement equipment, equipment restrictions, shapes and shape restrictions.
Using the interactive capacity planning system, the user can view orders, order items, components and work schedules. Extensive parameter settings can be used to narrow down the view from the total stock onto the orders, items, etc. which are of interest. Orders or items can be loaded or unloaded individually or in a block. The interactive system is divided into 3 display areas: The upper section is used to set the parameters that are used to determine the orders, items, components or operations that the user wants to display in the left tree view. The right section shows detailed information about the entry that is currently selected in the tree view.

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Definition of existing operations
Graphical representation of the utilization
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